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Top 8 Benefits of Small Batch Skincare

The Benefits

At Small Batch Serums, we produce our formulas in – you guessed it! – small batches. Doing so allows us to offer the best possible products for your skin, your health,andthe earth. Below, we’re going to go over everything you need to know about the world of small batch skincare, and ourproducts at Small Batch Serums

What Does Small Batch Skincare Mean?

First things first: what exactly do we mean by small batch skincare? We’ll dive into more detail below, but the basic concept is pretty straightforward. It simply means that products are made in smaller quantities, and made more frequently. 

Now that we’ve defined it, let’s talk about some of the key things to know about small batch skincare, as well as what you can expect with our products at Small Batch Serums. 

1. Products are Produced in Smaller Quantities, More Frequently

As we’ve already established, with small batch skincare, products are produced in smaller quantities and made more frequently. You’re probably wondering exactlyhow this impacts the formula. At Small Batch Serums, we’re huge proponents of producing a smaller volume of products on a more frequent basis because it allows us to create super fresh formulas with highly potent active ingredients.

With this process, we’re also able to formulate with the finest natural ingredients, without having to rely on artificial preservatives or harsh chemicals (we’ll talk more about that in a minute). All of this ultimately means our nature-powered and science-backed products are able to deliver the best possible results using the cleanest ingredients available.  

Small Batch Serums

2. Formulas Contain Natural Preservatives 

One of the major benefits of small batch skincare is that the process allows us to use natural preservatives that support the formula without causing any negative side effects on our complexion. Many of the traditional formulas on the market today are loaded with artificial preservatives and harsh chemicals, which can be detrimental to our skin and our health in general. For many people who prioritize using clean beauty products, the ability to get their desired skincare results without these added ingredients is essential. 

3. Production is More Sustainable

Another one of the biggest benefits of small batch skincare is that it is often far more environmentally friendly than more conventional methods of production. First and foremost, with small batch production, there is far less of a risk of overproducing products. This ultimately leads to less waste. 

On the same note, companies crafting batches in smaller volumes are also better able to correct production errors without having to create a ton of waste. With conventional large-scale production, if there’s an issue with a batch, a huge amount of unused material ends up going straight into the trash.  

Small batch skincare production also tends to have a much lower carbon footprint, since fewer (if any!) machines are used. Brands dedicated to crafting smaller volumes of product also typically value high quality ingredients that are responsibly sourced in an environmentally-friendly manner. Traditional large batch companies more frequently focus on the cheapest possible solutions, rather than taking into account sustainability and ethics. 

4. Products Have a Shorter Shelf Life

One important factor to note with small batch skincare is that, since the formulas don’t contain artificial preservatives, they have a shorter shelf life when compared to some other products on the market. Many of the more conventional formulas are made with unnatural preservatives to mitigate the fact that these products can sit on the shelves for months (or even years!) before getting into the hands of the consumers. While certainly effective at prolonging the product’s shelf life, these preservatives can have a negative effect on your skin, and ultimately lessen the power of the active ingredients.   

While small batch skincare may not have the staying power of formulas containing artificial preservatives, you can be confident that these products are fresh, and that the active ingredients are truly able to do their work. 

It’s also worth noting that this doesn’t mean your small batch skincare product will go bad before you finish off the bottle! When used on a regular basis (which is key for achieving the best results!), you’ll be able to use up your skincare solutions while they’re still highly effective.  

5. Formulas Effectively Target Specific Skin Requirements

While the shelf life may be shorter, small batch skincare formulas offer maximum efficacy when it comes to targeting specific skin concerns. This is because of the highly potent nature of the freshly made formulas. Whether you’re looking to tackle dehydration, dullness, hyperpigmentation, or fine lines and wrinkles, a small batch product containing powerful, high-quality ingredients (like our natural formulas at Small Batch Serums!) will help you achieve your best skin yet. 

6. Small Batch Serums Products are Dermatologist Tested

Now that we’ve talked about the world of small batch skincare, let’s get a little more specific and dive into the formulas we make at Small Batch Serums. While there are quite a few companies on the market crafting smaller volumes of formulas, not all are tested by dermatologists.  

Small batch production is, of course, a vital part of our process. However, the other key component is rigorous testing by industry-leading dermatologists. Safety and efficacy are both top priorities, so our team of dermatologists work to ensure we’re offering the best possible formulas. 

Speaking of testing, it’s also worth noting that our products are constantly being lab tested. This ensures every single batch meets our high standards, so that only the best of the best makes its way to your skin!

7. Small Batch Serums Products are Dermatologist Approved

Let’s take this one step further. Small Batch Serums products aren’t only tested by dermatologists to ensure safety and efficacy. They’re also dermatologist approved! Leading dermatologists have left their stamp of approval on our clean, science-driven formulas. 

8. Small Batch Serums Products are Personal 

Finally, we love small batch skincare because it allows us to add a more personal touch to the process. Each small batch of our skincare solutions is thoughtfully made with intense care and attention. We don’t formulate anything we wouldn’t want to put on our own skin. You can be confident that each Small Batch Serums product is made with only the finest and most effective ingredients available.