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Top 2023 Skincare & Beauty Trends to Look Out For This Year

With the new year comes new skincare and beauty trends. Of course, we always support anyone who sticks to the beauty looks and skincare routine that works best for them and their style. That said, we can all learn a little something by paying attention to what is currently trending. Even just one small shift in your skincare routine or your makeup look can help you feel modern and fresh in the new year. 

Curious to know what’s trending? Here are the biggest skin and beauty trends to look out for in 2023. 

Top Trends in Skincare 2023

1. Skin Flooding & Cycling

There’s a chance you’ve already heard of skin cycling, the skincare routine that involves two nights of active skincare treatments, and then two recovery nights. 

Skin cycling is here to stay in 2023, but it’s now joined by another buzzy trend: skin flooding. This simple yet powerful practice is perfect for recovery nights in the skin cycling routine. It involves “flooding” the skin with moisture to improve barrier health and maintain soft, supple skin. 

First, wash your face with a mild cleanser, and then pat off some of the excess water. You’ll still want your skin to be damp before moving onto the next step, as this will enhance the effectiveness of your hydrating skincare products. If needed, you can spritz on a facial mist to keep the skin moist. 

Next, take a gentle humectant-powered serum and apply it to your damp skin. We recommend a hyaluronic acid serum (like theHyaluronic Pure Boost Serum), since this humectant is one of the most effective ingredients for delivering hydration deep into the skin. For the final step, apply a moisturizer to seal in the hydration and unlock plump, moisture-rich skin. 

2. Skincare as Makeup

If you’ve been wanting to take a simpler approach to your beauty routine, you’re not alone. More and more people are looking to achieve a radiant and fresh look, but with as few products as possible. 

With that in mind, we’re continuing to see a rise in clean makeup formulas made with skin enhancing ingredients. Think a tinted moisturizer infused with antioxidants, or a lip gloss that doubles as a moisture-boosting mask.

Beyond that, many beauty enthusiasts are paring down their daily makeup products, and instead reaching for skincare solutions that help them achieve an effortless, natural glow.Brightening vitamin C serums, gentle exfoliants, and other effective skin-enhancing formulas will continue to trend in 2023. 

3. The Switch to Small Batch Skincare

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in the popularity of clean skincare formulas. Skincare aficionados have raised their standards when it comes to skincare products, and only want to put the highest quality solutions on their skin. 

In 2023, consumers will continue to look not just for clean formulas, but also the most effective products available – which means we’re expecting a big switch tosmall batch skincare solutions

With small batch skincare, formulas are made in smaller quantities on a more frequent basis. This means the active ingredients in these solutions are much more potent, which ultimately leads to more dramatic visible results. Beyond that, the small batch skincare production process is much more sustainable, which continues to be a major concern for consumers in 2023.

Small Batch Serums


Top Beauty Trends 2023

1. Warmer Hair Colors

We may still be battling the cold winter weather, but at least we have warmer hair tones to turn up the heat. Warm hair colors – such as honey blonde, reddish-brown chestnut, and deep espresso – will continue to dominate in 2023. Whether you add these hues with lowlights or do a full dye transformation, these tones can help bring a modern glow to your look. 

2. Polished Nails

As we mentioned, many are taking a less-is-more approach to their makeup looks. In 2023, this trend is extending to the nails. 

While intricate nail designs are still going strong, a top trend emerging this year is sleek and simple polished nails. Expect to see plenty of subtle ombre painted nails, as well as single color chrome manicures for a modern look. 

3. Lots of Liner

The grunge trend of the 90s is back in full-force – at least when it comes to makeup. We’re seeing a rise in popularity of glamorous grunge looks, especially around the eyes.

In 2023, lean into this aesthetic by layering on the liner. Smudged and smoky styles are particularly popular, and can help you achieve the perfect unfussy look. To stay on-trend, reach for liners in charcoals, grays, and taupes. 

Freshen Up Your Look in 2023

Maybe these trends have inspired you to completely makeover your makeup look – or maybe you’re just thinking of adding a new product to your skincare routine. Regardless of how you decide to implement the trends, we hope they will help you modernize your beauty and skincare routine for 2023.