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Dry, But Oily Skin? Here Are The Best Skincare Products For You

If you’re dealing with skin that feels both dry and oily, you’re probably having a hard time choosing skincare products that will best work for your skin’s needs. How can you fight dryness without contributing to excess oil…and how can you get rid of shine without drying your skin out? 

There’s a bit of nuance to dealing with skin that is both oily and dry, and the best routine will ultimately depend on your specific situation. In order for you to be able to build the ultimate skincare routine, we’re here to help you determine your exact skin type, as well as why you may be experiencing skin that is oilyanddry. We’ll also dive into the best products for helping you maintain a healthy and balanced complexion. 

What is a Dry Skin Type?

Dry skin produces minimal amounts of sebum, which is your skin’s oil. Due to the lack of natural moisture, the skin can be especially prone to feeling tight, parched, and uncomfortable. People with this skin type also often deal with irregular texture and flakiness, especially if they aren’t staying consistent with a routine that is suitable for their skin. 

Our skin naturally produces less sebum as we age. This means many deal with drier skin as they age, even if their skin was oilier when they were younger. 

What is an Oily Skin Type?

On the opposite end of the spectrum is oily skin. This skin type produces an excess of oil, which can cause the face to appear shiny and feel greasy. Excess oil can appear all over the face, but the T-zone (the forehead, nose, and chin) is where you’ll often see the highest concentration of excess oil. 

People with oily skin are more prone to dealing with congestion and breakouts, since the extra oil can clog the pores. They also typically have more visibly noticeable pores compared to those with drier skin. 

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What is a Combination Skin Type?

Now, let’s talk about combination skin type – which might be your skin type if you have skin that is both oily and dry. This skin type is characterized by some areas of the face being dry, and others being oily. Most often, the T-zone is prone to oiliness, whereas the cheeks and jaw tend to be drier.

If this doesn’t sound exactly like your situation, you may be dealing with dehydrated skin. Unlike combination, dry, and oily skin, dehydrated skin is not a skin type. Rather, it’s a temporary condition that can be easily fixed with a proper skincare routine (and in some cases, some lifestyle switches). 

Dehydration comes from the skin lacking in water (rather than natural oil, like with dry skin). This may be due to your environment, your skincare routine, or a combination of the two. 

With dehydrated skin, the complexion may be oily all over, but can also feel tight and uncomfortable underneath that excess oil. It may also be prone to itchiness, and fine lines may be more prominent. Dehydration may also trigger the skin to produce even more oil to try to compensate for the lack of water, causing your skin to look and feel even greasier than it normally is. If you think you have dehydrated skin, adding hydration back to your skin is key for bringing your complexion into balance. 

Top Products to Target Your Skin Type

Whether you have combination skin or are just dealing with dehydration, the key is following a routine that focuses on restoring hydration levels while balancing excess oil. Here are a few of our favorite products for targeting these needs: 

  • Hydrating Foaming Cleanser: Many cleansers targeted towards oily and combination skin effectively get rid of excess oil, but dehydrate the skin in the process. In order to remove pore-clogging sebum while still maintaining balanced skin, you’ll want to reach for a foaming cleanser that is made with hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Serum: One of the best tools for battling dehydrated skin and balancing combination skin is a hyaluronic acid serum, like the  Hyaluronic Pure Boost Serum. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that attracts water to the skin and locks it in to improve hydration levels for soft, supple skin. This lightweight, gentle serum is designed to deeply hydrate the skin without feeling heavy, making it the ultimate solution for anyone with skin in need of a hydration boost. 
  • Gel-Cream or Lightweight Cream Moisturizer: A good moisturizer is key, as it will restore both hydration and moisture levels in the skin. However, it can be especially hard for those with combination skin to find a moisturizer that is able to provide enough moisture to dry areas without feeling too greasy for oilier areas. That’s why we recommend gel-cream or lightweight cream moisturizers, which are designed to deeply moisturize without feeling too heavy on the skin. If your skin is also prone to breakouts, look for a moisturizer that is labeled as being non-comedogenic (meaning it doesn’t contain ingredients known to clog pores). 

  • Importance of a Balanced Routine 

    Being consistent with a skincare routine that is suitable for your skin type is crucial for maintaining a complexion that both looks and feels its best. While there are some products and specific ingredients that are great for all skin types, we need to look at our routine holistically to ensure it is best meeting the unique needs of our skin. 

    In the case of combination skin, the key is adding lightweight hydration and moisture back to the skin while still ensuring excess oil levels are kept in check. By contrast, someone with dry skin will need a routine that deeply moisturizes to maintain skin comfort. Additionally, as mentioned above, someone with oily skin that also feels dry will need to create a routine that helps restore hydration levels in the skin to fight dehydration. Ultimately, identifying your skin type and creating the appropriate routine is essential for achieving and maintaining healthy, happy skin.